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Digital Media Index is a quarterly report that stands as a reliable source for the latest trends in digital media publishing as well as important statistics on the performance of more than 600 Arabic eNewspapers. The index aims at providing a trusted exclusive reference to support decision makers in the digital news industry.

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The index is the result of a research work aimed at collecting and analyzing data on the performance of media agencies on digital platforms and their responsiveness to the growing market needs of digital content in light of the apparent abandonment of print media by readers.

Ministry of Culture and Information

June 2017

"The report enlightens decision-makers about the current needs and the projected potentials of the media publishing market, and is considered as an important and objective tool to evaluate where each stand from the competition in order to make more informed decisions"

SABQ eNewspapaer

January 2017

"Higher distribution at lower costs: Gulf newspapers anticipate the crisis and migrate towards the Internet .. Digital Media Index was created to document the recent trends occurring in the news industry and monitor their evolution in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)"

Raseef 22

February 2017

“Digital Media Index is a source of key information for decision-makers in the digital media industry in the Middle East. And we hope that it reaches all journalists and everyone working in digital and news publishing for the whole Arab world to benefit from it”

Nourhan Imad Al Deen

TV Presenter - Al Ghad channel

Digital Media Index

Mr. Majed Al Thagafi, Chief Executive Officer of Ibtikar Technologies, hosted by Sky News Arabia to talk about Digital Media Index and its success and impact in the GCC countries.

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